iOS – Ultimate Ninja:Ninja King

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“Ultimate Ninja:Ninja King” faithfully follows the original story, perfectly presenting the classic scenes. By playing their favorite ninjas, players can fully experience the fierce battle and gorgeous stunts.
1. Gorgeous combat, exciting combo strike;
Combine all Ninjutsu at your will, experience smooth operation of combo strike; Fantastic special effects are extremely eye-catching
2. Recruit Ninja, deploy strategy;
Recruit legendary Ninjas, create your own team; activate the power of fetter, form the best lineup
3. Ninja training, format advance;
Upgrade equipment, collect weapons, learn Ninjutsu, unlock diverse formats of Ninja; share the growing path with your loving Ninja
4. Ninja club, new fetter;
Set up Ninja clubs with your friends, take part in Guild War, compete for resources, and defend your homeland!
Start a challenge with your Ninja, download “Ultimate Ninja:Ninja King” for more surprises!

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